What is the City doing to prepare neighborhoods to prevent the next emergency?

Date(s) - May 18, 2023
7:15am to 9:00am

FAU/Broward College Downtown

“Fort Lauderdale’s flood was worse than any hurricane in local memory, unmatched by anything on the record books and happened faster and harder than anyone planned or prepared for.

Rain filled the city’s underground tunnel, swamped the generator that kicked on at city hall and forced the sixth-largest school district in the country to close for two days. Roads in neighborhoods like Edgewood, River Oaks, Melrose Park turned to rivers and hundreds of residents fled their waterlogged homes, some to a shelter set up by the Red Cross. Many lost everything.

Science — and the reality of government planning — suggest that it’s far too expensive and technologically complicated to build a city that can withstand 2 feet of rain in a single day.

The National Weather Service classified Wednesday’s 25.91 inches of rain in 24 hours as a 1-in-1,000-year storm or a storm with a .1% chance of happening every year.

But it could be a sign of what’s to come?”

What is the City of Fort Lauderdale doing to prepare our neighborhoods to prevent the next emergency?


Guest Speakers:

Greg Chavarria – City Manager of Fort Lauderdale

Alan Dodd, Col. (R) – Public Works Director, City of Fort Lauderdale


Nancy Gassman, Ph.D., CC-P, LEED Green Associate -Assistant Director of Public Works, City of Fort Lauderdale